The Game

The Diversity Game is designed to make real change. And to be fun as well!


We all know that diversity and inclusion is part of the future to more profitability, innovation and to attract talent. But many organizations have hard time increasing the numbers although ambitious action plans and measurable goals. We have developed Diversity Game to start from the core: changing behavior for a cultural shift. And having fun together!

01 History


During several years working with leaders, organizations and employees the game method has been developed. Diversity Game's core is experimental learning and behavior science.

04 About the Game


Diversity Game is a card deck of 60 everyday situations based on unconscious biases and diversity. The situations are connected to themes such as recruitment, leadership, norms in the society, #metoo, carrier and family, pay, values and recognition. 

02 Goal


By playing Diversity Game the participants will experience everyday situations. By feedback, reflection and insight they will be able to test new behaviors. This leards to a more inclusive workplace by challenging unconscious biases.

05 Instant Feedback


The players get instant feedback and learn through experimental learning which leads to testing new behaviors. You will get the best effect of the game if you continue to play it over a period of time. Then you will be able to measure and notice a change in behavior.

03 Numbers


Diversity Game is played in groups of 5 - 6 people. There is no limit to how many groups can play at the same time. For a workshop session we recommend 1,5 h to have fun and up to 3,5 h if you like to establish a plan for continued work.

06 Game Rules


One player takes a card, reads the dilemma and answers how to act in the situation. The other players come with feedback and a winner is elected. The next person in line take a new card. By following the rules everybody will be able to express their opinion. 




Sandra Bourbon

Management Consultant and Entrepreneur

MSc in Engineering Physics and MBA. Was first in the world to invest in gender equal companies from Sweden. Has founded the Future Feminist, Gender Equality Investments.

Per-Ola Björk

Senior Management Consultant

Behavioral scientist and economist with many years of experience in organization and leadership development at some of Sweden's largest listed companies.


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